Monday, March 27, 2006

Food of Gods? Then I am not one...

I dislike chocolates.

Yes...... you heard it right the first time – I dislike chocolates.

I really cannot blame you if you have that ‘O’ expression on your face. That’s usually the reaction which I have encountered from almost all people to whom ‘the great revelation’ was thrust on. My suggestion: Close your mouth unless a fly/mosquito (or an elephant for all I care) decides to take a (possible one-way) trip in that direction.

The world does not start and end with chocolate......and it’s a statement.

The person who seems to have benefited the most from this ‘malady’ is Bro dear – I used to pass all the chocolates received due to various birthdays, treats etc to him. No matter how scrunched up the chocolate would appear (er.....I used keep it in my bag and forget all about it), it would eventually find its way to Bro dear’s stomach. I guess he will miss me a lot on this account after I get married.......:)

“WHAT? You do not like chocolate?”
Well... I do not. Period.

“How can you not like that dark sinful creamy creation?”
It’s good enough that you like it. You can indulge in that type of sin.

“You cannot be a lady if you do not like chocolate.”
Who said that I am a lady, eh?

“Are you sure you do not want to taste this chocolate ice-cream/cake/dessert?”
Countdown to ten shuru - 1..2..3..4..5..

Thanks to the Mayans, I have been the butt-end of jokes from my chocolate loving friends. Peer-pressure of a different bet!

But the best is yet to come........

While shopping with my Mom (where I was, as usual, the luggage-carrier) I bumped into my dentist and his wife. And the aggravating man introduced me to his wife thus – “Remember dear, I told you about this patient who does not eat chocolates. This is that lady.” The referred lady, much to her chargin, looked suitably scandalized while the wife tried her best to hide her grin.

And they say that you are not supposed to lie to your doctor......sheesh !


Anonymous said...

hmm..well the doctor might be worried abt changing his profession if his so called patients change
ur way;-)))

chitra said...

Hmmmm...maybe. But considering the queue outside his clinic, I am not too sure of that.. :)!

Anonymous said...

are u referring his CONFECTIONARY store as CLINIC:P

Anonymous said...

I just popped in a turkish dark choclate in my mouth and opened your blog. Needless to say, I didnt read beyond the first sentence


chitra said...

Tee hee....nahi hi hain :) !!

Hyuck hyuck hyuck hyuck :) :) :) !! It's not that bad. Not even once have I said not to eat chocolate.... :)

Jay said...

//And they say that you are not supposed to lie to your doctor......sheesh !


chitra said...

Yup...besides your lawyer :)!

Anonymous said...

sadhya...illa andre clinic or confectionary store antha confuse aagogthithu;-)
and yes....i know few other who dont like Chocolates!!!!

chitra said...

Tee hee...howdu!

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: hahaha... ninnanna museumnalli haaki 'Choco tinnada praaNi' antha board haakodonde baaki.. :)

chitra said...

AsTe alla doDDa - innoo saakashTu specifications ive...:). But nimage adu gotte irabeku ...alve?? :) :)

lakshana said...

hey......chocolates n ice creams r ALWAYS on my menu! :)

ps- was blog trodding n happen to hop into urs..u have a gr8 style of writing... perused thru a few of ur posts n looks like we 2 harp a lot on "change" :P... (most of my earlier posts did)...gonna blogroll u.. hope u dont mind..

S Anand said...

Is it the chocolate flavour you don't like? I mean, would you have white chocolate? Chocolate-flavoured ice-cream?

aa said...

Nice post. I love chocolates (ofcourse selected few brands). I know that I will gain weight, ruin my teeth by eating them regularly. So I eat less. :)

I think you have not come across right brands of chocolates/cakes/desserts. Come over to my place here, I will get you some... I bet you will love chocolates.

Vikram said...

//Who said that I am a lady, eh?//

Errr... mathe? :P

I don't know what the hue and cry is about chocolates.

Sue the doctor. He is not supposed to divulge confidential information even to his wife. :D

American Pi said...

I too don't like chocolates!

chitra said...

Tee do are my friends' menu! And yup....thanks for compliment. Regarding blogrolling, permission ki koi zaroorat nahi hain... :)!!

Er....I do not like ice-creams either.. :) !!

Sigh....adu yaavaga agotho??

Gurl kaNo....gurl !! Ladies are too sophisticated for my taste :) :) !! Hmmm....paapa biDu....

-/Amreekan Pie
Oye...welcome to the gang :) !!

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: seere uDada prANi antha haeLbodu. innyaavdoo gothhilla.. :(.. yeshTE aadroo naanu "so-called" doDDa alva? :)

chitra said...

Ayyo Raama...yen doDDa? IsTe naa neevu nannanna artha maaDkondirodu? Nanage seere yesTu isTa antha nimage gottirabeku alve?? Eh??

lakshana said...

alrite then.. a surplus of my comments on ur blogs henceforth :D.. watch out :P

ps- u DONT like ice creams either??????... HMMMMM!!

chitra said...

Tee hee...sure! And yup...very very choosy when it comes to ice-creams :) !

lakshana said...

well... looks like someone will never really have a problem with her waistline! :P

Phoenix said...

achha hai..apn hisse ki chocolate mujhe bhej dena:)

chitra said...

Tee heee....yup :) !!

Zaroor zaroor...:) !

Rk said...

I hate eating out. I hate ... I hate _dont want to disclose_

Historically, society (which includes you too) has been cruel to those who are different to their majority. Whatever majority accepts has been termed as right/good.

chitra said...

Rightly said about that acceptance part!

Anonymous said...

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