Thursday, February 02, 2006

A lett...err mail to CM

CM had told me once that talking about things really helps. And yesterday it was proved right (three cheers for CM :) )!

I do not know what made me blurt out to CM (of all people) that particular phone conversation involving a lot of India-bashing. Yuck ! Never knew that such morons existed in this part of the world. Left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.

Till the end of this week,CM, and perhaps a few days after that, you will have the perfect excuse not to call me. But do call after that, okay? Someday, I will certainly sit and analyse why I expect so much from you. But for now, I have certain other important things to attend to. In case you do suffer from a temporary memory loss, I will always be glad to remind you of a lady who had an yuxtremely good memory :).

Anyway, CM, sorry that you had to be an unwilling participant in this exercise. I know that your 'politeness' did not allow you to cut the call. In case, all my bad-mouthing (of the moron, of course) resulted in blisters on your tender ears, I can always offer Burnol (or cold water).

As usual, bas haan ya naa kaafi hain :) !


Anurama said...

:? Is CM ur friend or the Chief Minister ;)

chitra said...

My friend :) !!