Sunday, January 22, 2006

Split Personality…

Yikes….. after posting ‘Split Personality… III’, I realized that I had accidently deleted ‘Split Personality… II’. As usual, I could digest this incident in two ways:

Positively : Learnt one good lesson – no matter how sleepy you are, you should be able to realize that two successive blog-titles differ by at least one letter.
Negatively: Comments once lost cannot be regained :( !!

When I realized the ‘extent of this damage’, I could not help recalling Khushi’s blog-tag – Life goes on ! So, blog goes on…………………

Salient points of Split Personality-II

Sleep early especially on the eve of Monday

PraChi: Hey… don’t you think that it’s time to hit the bed? You have to be up early tomorrow, right?
SponChi: Oh… shut up. Enjoy for once yaar !! It’s not always that you get to see a good movie on TV. So, I gonna watch it.
PraChi: I think that you are going to stress yourself. Do you know that half the heart-attacks occur on a Monday morning because of not being able to handle stress?
SponChi: (belligerently) So what? If I die, it’s not going to be a great loss to mankind na?
PraChi: (smiling silkily) Dear….. you are forgetting that if you die, I too die. Do you really want that to happen?
SponChi: Sigh…. No. I like you too much for that. ‘Kay. Let’s hit the sack.

Bunk office for meeting friends in the evening

SponChi: Kya yaar….. they have been waiting so long to meet us. Do you really want to disappoint them?
PraChi: Hey…. I did not set up that meeting. And I cannot miss it.
SponChi: What will happen if you bunk this meeting?
PraChi: Sigh….. I will have to be satisfied with what others say. But first-hand information is always better than second-hand information.
SponChi: Okay, Mz Goody-shoes. Do what you wish to. But think of what all you will be missing.
PraChi: I know… but being my friends, I hope that they will understand.

Have a third cup of tea

PraChi: No no no … with great difficulty I have reduced the number of cups to two and no thanks to you.
SponChi: Hey…. Just one more da. What difference will it make?
PraChi: It’s bad enough that we’ve got addicted to tea. Why do you want to aggravate it further?

SponChi: What’s one little wee cup of tea going to do?
PraChi: Sigh….. teri marzi !!

Buy an MP3 player

PraChi: Hasn’t Anu got us a wireless headset? What for do you need an MP3 player for?
SponChi: Hey…. I cannot listen to MY favourite songs.
PraChi: Bah !! Get a walkman na….
SponChi: Ya…. and you will go hunting as to where we can record songs on cassettes? Remember what happened last time? All guys refused to record the songs on mere audio cassetes.
PraChi: MP3 players do not come cheap.
SponChi: Sheesh !! Do not remind me !!


Anurama said...

kay.. me first again to this split-personality part-ii (deja vu)

chitra said...

:):) !!

Anonymous said...

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