Friday, January 06, 2006

Born bright :)

I wore err.. am wearing an extremely bright dress to work today. Very unprofessional but wanted to experiment. Check out the reactions aaannd my immediate thoughts:

  • Bus driver: Doesn’t even demand to see my ID. I guess he is still blinking his eyes out :)!

  • Bus-mate 1: “Hey whatz up? You getting married or what?”
  • My reaction: Meri marzi !! And what does marriage have to do with this?

  • Bus-mate 2: “Wow……”
  • My reaction: Now what am I to make of it?

  • Bus-mate 3: “Where did you get the material? I want the same for my daughter.”
  • My reaction: Oh yeah?? I happen to know that her daughter is three years old. Haal behaal !!

  • Security guy: Double checks my ID.
  • My reaction: Sheesh !!

  • Smishr: “How come you are dressed like a traffic-signal?”
  • My reaction:
    • Optimistic: Wow… that means I am actually a show-stopper? Thanks!
    • Pessimistic: Do I look that bad?

  • Aki: (stays silent) and on enquiring tells one of the most effective words – “Bad”.
  • My reaction: That was one of the most ‘wunderful’ compliments I had ever received. But then, I trust her judgment.

  • Jer: “Hey nice dress !”
  • My reaction: I look carefully at his face to see if he is sarcastic. But no – he does not have a wicked grin on this fact to accompany his words. So, it must be a compliment :).

  • Tu: (every time he looks in my direction) “He he he he”
  • My reaction: Monkey dancing here??

  • CC (cantankerous colleague, with an evil smile): “Hey Chitra, you look extremely bright today.”
  • My reaction: Whaddya mean? I was born bright !!

  • Tea-wala: “Yen Madam? Yen special?” (What Madam? What special?)
  • My reaction: A big smile and whisking off the tea right under his nose. I concentrated more on the tea rather than the ‘compliment’.

This is just half the story since I am yet to go home! Abhi interval :) !!

Good that I do not believe in the adage: “All good things come to an end”.


ABiasForAction said...

I am sure that for atleast today you can subsititue for a traffic signal.If you are wearing green and about to walk on the road then beware.
Its always good to try out new things.Atleast you know that you can daze the bus-drivers and get special treatment from the tea-vendors.
Hence use the dress on special occasions. Treat it as a kind of lucky dress.

Jay said...

Oh .. so ... thats U!!! Was really wondering abt ... the glare on my computer's monitor today! Now .. I realize!


!xobile said...

my rxn: Arre!! Chitrahaar hai tu to!!!
your though: ?

Chugs said...

what we need is a pic here.. :)

ritzkini said...

"born bright" anthe..
i'm guessing from "born wild"...
good one..
“Yen Madam? Yen special?” ?????

chitra said...

He he ... no such luck. It was bright orange :) !!

Only on the monitor?? :) :)

Hum hain he aise...thode akdoo !!

And punish you to wear sunglasses for a lifetime? No way !! :) :)

He he that I am macha!! I do not like my emotions to be dictated by anyone :) !!
Yentha maaraaya... neenu saha?? :) :)

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