Thursday, November 15, 2012

Down the memory lane......

One of the travails and tribulations of growing up as homo sapiens is keeping track of the innumerable email ids. I have progressed to different email providers over the years and as a result, keeping track of my older emails is a herculean task. There have been instances where I've forgotten that I had an email on a particular account and I open my email to belatedly realize a ton of messages from friends. From the lack of my replies, I am sure that they must be of the impression that 1. I am too busy to reply (which is not the case since I can spare time for all my good friends), 2. I no longer consider them my friends (I have few friends I consider close and not keeping in touch with them is not an option :-)..)

Today was one such occasion when I had a lot of time on my hands (read.... I was prevaricating). I opened my one of my less frequently checked email-accounts and found a ton of junk mail. Nothing new. As I dug further, I came across a few exchanges among a couple of my friends. Precious gold nuggets. As I opened and read each of them, a sense of wonder filled me and a smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. Some serious, some humorous, some lamenting, some cheerful, some even cribbing, but every single email had a strong current of humor and genuineness running through it (wow.... I must have been an electrical engineer hoda janma to think of such a beautiful analogy :P).  Was this gregarious individual truly me? 

As to the people who mailed me, these included close friends from work, from childhood, from blog and even from my bus! These were people who stood witness to my most happiest and depressing moments, and spared some time to reach out to let me know that I was not alone. Now I have their emails - some inspiring words, some memorable photos - as fond memories as the time I was relatively younger, relatively happier and relatively care-free. 

Now, I have all the tools of modern times to help me keep in touch with my friends. A FB account. A smartphone. Skype/Google+ chat. The only difference is that the familiar friends are missing, having been caught up with life, work and family (not necessarily in that order). Do I miss them? Hell yeah! But, there's someone I miss more - moi


Amrita said...

:( Senti post :(

i somehow am thankful to modern technology,atleast i kno where who is located :) Warna aaj kal to.. uff log ghar main kam aur means of transport main zyaada hote hain :)

Chitra said...

Senti heen senti bhai! I guess my better half's sentiment of keeping in touch via phone calls is rubbing off on me :D!