Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eega - The end of imaginative cinema...or not!

Being married is not a bed of roses. Being married to a movie fanatic is definitely NOT a bed of roses. Day in and day out (hey....let's not forget the nights and weekends), one is reminded that televisions exist to push men into a state of oblivion. And woe betide that woman who defies this 'pull of attraction'...towards the television, of course! She is left to stew in her own imagination (read boredom) and is barred from entering some of the innermost portals of her man's mind. So it comes as no surprise that after years of 'silent suffering' (hah!), I decided to 'convert'. A and I would at least have a common topic to talk/discuss/fight about :-)! And thus came the plan to see the movie Eega. FYI, Eega means fly in Telugu. 

For all those arty cinema lovers who like subtle romance or hidden meanings, Eega promises you...absolutely  nothing. However, for those of us who like action combined with comedy combined with all the makings of a masala movie (oh.... let's not forget the idea of good winning over evil), Eega proves to be a delightful and entertaining movie. The screenplay is pretty tight with very few loose gaps. And yes, the animation is something to write about. One might wonder that there's absolute lack of facial emotions for a fly when there's nothing human to start with, just a tiny face full of millions of eyes? But nope. All through the three hours of the movie, I was enthralled (along with the rest of the crowd and that included kids) by all those little gestures that conveyed, oh so cutely (yes, I repeat cutely) just the right kind of emotion. 

With every, there has to be a villain (something like for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction?) In comes namma Sudeep as namma villain! And what a villain (and a human one at that)!  He is equally convincing as the both sadistic lover intent on bedding the heroine and the loony madman who's convinced that he's being stalked by no less a fly. But then again, I've always loved admired his acting prowess even if it's a bit too intense. 

In all, I wasn't sure whether the idea for this movie evolved because of a complete lack of imaginative idea,s or whether because there were loads in an area not yet explored. Or maybe it's an old wine in a new bottle - a new idea which had hitherto been stale ( or even downright stupid) now presented using the latest technology. Whatever the reason, Suresh Babu (the film's producer) is laughing all the way to the bank. 

And did I mention spoiler alert? There... I did! 


Amrita said...

i posted a comment kahin kho gaya .. lemme fetch it again

Chitra said...

He he...aaj kal itna busy ho...sure you posted one? ;-)

Amrita said...

Well I saw the movie (dubbed in hindi) and i must say it was entertaining. :) Yes it is old wine in a new packaging... but then its good story telling too. Cinema is something that we can escape to. And a story well told (mind you not a good story) is all we need. If we think OSO, Karan Arjun , and many more - they also lie on the same ridiculous premise. I think its just the beginning of how far the seams of imagination you can stretch :)

PS. this is not my original comment :) :(