Sunday, December 26, 2010

The key to change

There was once a time where I was posting left right and center on this blog. And having 50+ comments (here's the proof). Lately, it has dwindled to one, perhaps two posts every three months! Not good...not good at tells the husband.

PA, as I refer to him in my blog, reads all my blog-posts including those on my photo-blog. This is surprising since he, being the typical male, dislikes (note: hate is too strong a word) all emotional, sentimental, *tal things (you get the idea, right?) and my blog has tons of sentiment flowing out of it. Still, for a person who does not like books, it was surprising to listen to him saying "C, you have given up writing blogs? Why? You write so well. I was reading your blog and all I could think was what happened to this person who wrote so beautifully?" Well PA, I did not run out of topics. Some other priorities overtook this past-time. Plus, as in my previous post, I do not have an overwhelming urge, as I had before, to spew out my thoughts. I have changed (surprise of surprises!). For the better (I hope). And I quite like it!

So we come back to where I started - the blog. It's my baby, something I found solace in when I was mad at the rest of the world (well, still am but no so much :-)..). Sine the key to change (especially those pleasant ones) is to accept and move on, I suppose I should devote some time to blogging as well. Things that are in the process of changing my mind - PA, 24 comments awaiting my moderation when I logged in yesterday, friends urging me to blog again. As a result, notice the brand new template....and the post? Still more in the works.

Lately, I have been toying with the idea of making this blog password-protected. What are your thoughts? (Spew) out with it.......


Amrita said...

hmmm who would give password? us or u? ;)
keep posting gurl keep those thots flowing am for one who always bites the bait for sure.

Art said...

Why password... all of us would love to read ur posts

Chitra said...

Aaaf course it is moi to you ;-)!

Yeno bantu taleli restrict maaDoNa anta. Selective audience ;-)!

Ananth said...

Good to see u blogging again. Love the new appearance. Keep it coming, and about password protection,,ummmm....I am not sure thats a good idea, as you have so many readers who would love to read your blog without a password.

Shreya said...

Glad to the see the new post girl..! :) And the new look as well.
I do keep referring ur blog for others to read so don't really think that password is such a great idea. :)

laks said...

Hello Chitz! how are you doing? i had similar thoughts on my blog too, it was dead for too long... nice to be back now :)

Anonymous said...

No passwords please..:)

Laks said...

hey chitz, blog world misses u, come back fast!

ps- personally, i don't think pwd is such a good idea.

Chitra said...

Thanku thanku! MaaDolla biDu. Maadidruve ninage tiListheeni :-)!

Thanks re! And keep doing the 'good' work of referral :P!