Monday, November 30, 2009


The idea of a photoblog had been in my head for a very long time. Just the effort required to pen it on it on web was required. After a few false-starts, I plunged into the details aaaauuunnnnndddddd.... here's the final result. Finally...finally...finally launching my photoblog at :-D ! Yiiipppeeeeee yippeeeee and yipppeeeee (I simply cannot stop grinning)! As usual (ahem!), comments and suggestions are very welcome.

After all the effort I put into customizing my photos, wordpress turned out to be a damp squib - I found the photo quality to be faded and washed-out. So came back to blogger, and a plethora of extensive research, photoshopping and html tweaks later, and I was yuxtremely satisfied with the final result (do I sound modest here? :P).

I was very intent on launching my photoblog this year. In spite of a few hiccups (a prolonged seige by the flu being the latest), this year has been a very fruitful year so far.Still awaiting the results of something
towards which I've been working from a very long time. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best :-)!


Anonymous said...

Sooooooper .........congratulations on starting the photo blog. I wish you all the best. Lets start good work rolling......:-D


good good - dont avoid my question

Chitra said...

Thankuuuu :-)!

Eh...kaun sa?


the one i asked you in the louv and marriage post

Chitra said...

Oh woh? Nahi nahi...abhi nahi...abhi kar rahen hain intezaaaaarrr !