Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is......

Sitting through a (entire!) match of cricket just to give him company in spite of not being a fan of the game.

Changing the baby’s (yuxtremely dirty) diaper, thus allowing your partner to catch up on some much needed rest (and beauty sleep, of course).

Surprising her with flowers on reaching home from work even if you don’t give a damn about flowery stuff.

Staying back home to cook his favorites when you could have danced attendance at a kitty party.

Coming home to find dinner ready with all the after-work dirty dishes in the sink, no mess to clean up, and most importantly no immediate-after-work-at-home responsibilities.

Switching off TV when you need to talk something important.

Massaging sore feet in the middle of night just because she’s too far gone to reach her toes, or too tired to care about herself.

Nodding your head sagely at every pause in the (one-way?) conversation even if you don’t understand a word of the prattle.

Finding yourself covered by a warm blanket when you had fallen asleep on the couch during one of those winter nights.

Offering a shoulder to cry when you feel like throwing up your hands in despair yourself.

To feel protective (and possessive) towards that special someone.

A bit of care, a bit of chemistry.

A dash of romance, a measure of practicality.

Some meaningful gestures, some more meaningful silences.

Perhaps..... love is not about one single day, or saying the right words after all......


Khushi said...

very neat :)

Chitra said...

Thanks kaNe :D!

Endevourme said...


CP said...

Hmmm. Thats a rosy picture indeed.

chitra said...

U Understand so well and u claim that u r nt romantic!!


Shruthi said...

A big hug. You hit the nail right on the head!

Amrita said...

Hmmm True :)

Chitra said...

What's that ':-|' for? :-)

Ah well...doesn't love paint a rosy picture ;-) ?

Tee hee....I am not! Or rather I try to bury it beneath a much needed practical attitude :-)!

Thankooooooooooooo :-)!

Good to hear that! Experience eh ;-)?

Rk said...

Mushy post. :) [Tone: Thats a compliment.]

Was just wondering, what if I had to post with the title "Love is", I would have conveniently ended the post in one sentence "I don't know".

Che che..what has happened to the blogger/lover in me ? He he.

Chitra said...

Coming from you, that's a compliment!

Endevourme said...

a meaningful gesture, a more meaningful silence hehe
/-bury it beneath a much needed practical attitude
y do u always have to prove that we have things in common?

Chitra said...

We do, do we?? That's great! Don't you think so ;-)?

Endevourme said...

hmmm...why do i always ~sigh~ after reading ur response...?
some strange chemistry aaa? :D

Aravind Kumar said...

Hey Rightly said. Wonderful I should say. Love is something that has shifted to the faster lane.

Chitra said...

Yaa....right :D!

-/AK lane? that you say it I agree. Jhatpat stuff!