Sunday, October 07, 2007

The best laid plans....

.....sometimes go awry.

Place: Interlaken Ost station

Group mood: Irate
Train departure time: 8:08:00 a.m

Time: 8:07 a.m

She: Sigh ! Men !!

I (pretending to be philosophical while seething internally): Anything can happen in one minute.

She (obviously frustrated): Humph! The train will leave in a minute!

Time: 8:07:50 a.m

Catch a glimpse of six zooming blurs speeding towards the platform and blindly herd them into the nearest second class compartment.

Time: 8:07:57 a.m

Six heavily sweating, panting bodies bodies hurl themselves and their luggages (which included the likes of the following) into the train.

Time: 8:08 a.m

The train leaves without any further ado (or earth-shaking incidents) thus enabling us to reach our final destination on time.

And to think of the sights we would have delayed captured thanks to the time sense of these men.....rather big boys......


Pritika Gupta said...

wow!! have u been to heaven..hehehe.. also changed ur blog template.. good.. nice changes

Endevourme said...

last 2 pics are awwwsssooommmeeee!!!

GuNs said...

Whoa... breathtaking photographs there. Nice.

I did something very similar on our trip to Lake District. Got into the train (jumped into it) and the doors closed five seconds behind me.



Chitra said...

He he...haan! Aur blog ka sirf pic change kiya hai (meri keenchi hui ek pic daali hai) aise hee hain.

Thanks !! Only snow !

Thanks! Lake District? That's one place I need to go to.

Art said...

amazing place.. i am sure it was more worth than all the tension in the beginning

Sujit said...

pics after the lake are amazing :).. good you had awesome time :)

Anonymous said...

This is the age when girls start knowing men rather as big boys...

chitra said...

Hoon !! Sooper jaaga!

Thanks! And yes...had an awesome time out there with awesome company :-)

Hmmm.... I am too afraid to ask you to explain yourself!

Jay said...

Ah .. the run ... I've never run for my life that way ...

Anu said...

Sakkath pics, Chitra..:)

chitra said...

Ya... facing the wrath of three ladies was too much I guess ;-)!

Hey..thanks Anu!

Prashanth M said...

Beautiful photoas...

landed here from Shruthi's blog...

Chitra said...

Hey :-)! Thanks!