Friday, August 10, 2007

BaDon ki baat sunna chaahiyen......

My colleague, VA (probably the only sane person in this entire project of insane people), has this beautiful Tanishq set - a pendant, chain and ear-rings. I surprised myself by immediately declaring my fascination towards it.


I am not a jewelery junkie.

When I was very young, I used to hoard jewelery. Anything shiny, colourful and sparkling, I used swoop on it (like Batman :-)..) and whisk it into the safe confines of some dabba. I used to stand outside those shops to admire the gaudy trinkets displayed under the bright halogen lights. However, when I was in my terrible teens, the rebellious tomboy that I was, I shocked my Mom by refusing to wear jewelery for any functions. We made an odd pair - my Mom resplendent in a silk saree and suitable jewelery, and yours-truly, the accompanying scarecrow !

As I grew out of my teens, my un-fascination towards any form of jewelery did not abate. I wore a thin gold chain, and gold studs. Any more improvement was beyond me! But fateh ki baat yeh hai that my taste in jewelery was good enough for most of my friends to drag me around, shopping for the same. Or perhaps my point-blank comments helped! I never got around to clarify this particular point. However, I can safely assume that it could be the former because their jewelery was much appreciated by others :D !

Besides, it helped that I had thin fingers and wrists- that ruled out the possibility of rings and bangles. One of my aunts who gifted me a ring for my birthday still rues over the fact that I never once wore it - as soon as I slid the ring on to my finger, it used to promptly slide off! Finally, when I did get a custom-made ring, courtesy Mom. Since it slid over the bony bump and sat loosely beyond that point, I used to get the feeling that it would be anytime sliding off my finger! So, to please my Mom, I used to wear it to work and take it off as soon as I came home.

To cut a long story short, there I was, happily swinging the door after a 'hard' day's work when I caught my finger on the door. Shooting pain, and some stars later, I realized it was bleeding. Now, not to be cowed down by blood, I walked back to the restroom losing some precious drops in the process. By the time I swabbed the wound enough (wasting three tissues in the process) to have a look at it, my finger was terribly red and swollen.

"All in a day's work" or so I thought until even after two weeks after the 'accident', I am not able to get the ring off my finger.

A classic example of 'Man proposes, God disposes'?

p.s Could not resist 'showing off' my luuuuhhhveeely fingers :-) !


Shruthi said...

Your hand looks loverly.. wanted to say so when I saw it in the album you sent me... but forgot :O

Btw I share your fascination for shiny things and trinkets. I buy earrings all the time, keep them in boxes and open them and admire them. Wear them? Too lazy.

chitra said...

Ha ha...thanku thanku...and join the gangu :-) !!

chitra said...


despite the fact, My marital status compels me to wear, the gold chain, i defied all laws and refused to wear the gold chain. I am surprised that thetre are other women too who share their dislike for gold.

The ring looks good on yur beautiful fingers. Take care..

Random Impressions said...

Thanks again for the compliment

GuNs said...

Since there is this lady Chitra who comments on your blog and is married, I get a bit confused sometimes. [:-p]

From those fingers at least, I bet a major percentage of guys would be very happy to marry you.

LOL, marriage talk, as we spoke about in your last post!


chitra said...

Oh...did you? Do write a post on it. And yes...thanks for the compliement!

Anytime :-)!

I know I know...don't we all ;-)? Sighhhhhhh.... if only my fingers were enough for people to be latoo...

Endevourme said...

ye haath muze de de thakur!!!

so u r lord of the ring hehe

chitra said...

Er....Thakuraain would be more apt I believe ;-) !!

Art said...

I ran away from Gold stuff as if they are gonna bite me.. Always get a lecture from mom on that.
But I would love to have a diamond.. Or if anyone can give me the sapphire which Kate wore in Titanic.. I would be impressed :)

chitra said...

Ha ha ha... aase :-)!

Pritika Gupta said...

hehe.. same with me.. i love to buy jeweller.. oh they are so fascinating..but wearing them can be tough.. moment i come home..first thing i do is to take out all jewellery..:)

chitra said...

Try buying those small and delicate pieces. They are so exquisitely carved that it feels good to wear them :-)!