Sunday, June 03, 2007

A trip abroad and a proposal later....

He jumped out of the driver’s seat with the alacrity of a man half his age. Giving me a friendly grin, he hoisted my bag into the cab and motioned me in.

After I settled myself comfortably, he started off, both with the driving and a volley of questions:

“You from India?” was the first question.


“You must be surely a student.”

I gave a smile and replied, “I am working.”

“Where?” was the next question.


“Aaaah…. Nice place. But you don’t look like you are working. You too young, you see.” And he twisted sideways in his seat to look at me while he spoke the latter sentence.

I could not help smiling in response, however indirect the compliment was, but remained silent.

“You have a boy-friend?”

The question caught me unawares, and after a second’s hesitation, nodded in affirmative.

“Where’s he?”

“And I thought we Indians were overtly curious......”was my wry thought before replying “He is back in India.”

“So you would be marrying him after you go back?”

I barely suppressed a grin before nodding a yes.

He wore a disappointed moue of expression, “That means you would not be marrying me! I was about to ask you so.”

This time I could not control my laugh, “We honour commitments very seriously.”

He mulled over my statement before asking, “When would you be coming back?”

I answered honestly, “I don’t know.”

“Whenever you come in, do drop in to say hi. My name’s JC. You can ask anyone in the lounge. Don’t forget.” he said wagging an admonishing finger at me.

By then we had reached our destination. His parting shot as he deposited me with my luggage was, “A pity! A great pity!”

I laughed and walked towards the airport terminal to catch my next flight.


Sujit said...

hehe.. nice fun!..

Endevourme said...

haha pity on him :D!!

anoop said...

his behavior can only be explained as selfless flirting or extreme desperation, I would like to believe the former one. welcome back to India.

chitra said...

Tee hee!

Naaah...he was just flirting!

Ha ha not yet!

anoop said...

not yet.. ?!?
in transit..?
another assignment..??

Jay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jay said...

Heegu unte?

Anonymous said...

A foriegner assumingly white in a foreign land. Punya maadirthare! adu onsite hudgirge English sogadu tumba ishta.

Any such things in India by slightly a darker and assumingly a little ugly (relative adjunct when compared with english ones ) here will straightly get into blacknoise project.

Well not being offensive.

Idu entha Lokavayya.

Chitra said...

-/Anoop many questions! Holiday holiday !

Yup...heegoo unTu noDu :-)!

True....enthya lokavayya....!!

ashish soni said...

ha ha ha ha ha
nice incident

The Avenger !!! said...

aww chitzzz you really are? what a pity what a pity !!! hehehe (just kidding !!!)

Nice one tho, i think i should put up my latest one too soon....

The Avenger !!! said...

ohh btw dnt forget to give my love to the loch ness monster !!!

Chitra said...

Oh ya!

Tee hee....sure! Will convey your louurrvve to 'Nessie' :-)!

Endevourme said...

arey nahin...not him...the other him hehe :D!!

chitra said...


Are you returning to India? Take care

chitra said...

Oh yeah ;-)?

Not yet not yet !!

The Black King said...

Wow... someone is getting a lot of attention! :)

Viky said...

Aa? Leave already??? :O

chitra said...

Totally unwarranted I assure you!

Eh? To where?

Viky said...

Leave as in vacation!!
To go to India??? On holiday???

chitra said...

Ayyaayoo....naanu India ge hogilla pa...!

Viky said...

Wokay...BTW, I had been to IIFA awards at Yorkshire...was fun!!!

chitra said...

Howdaa?? Cool !! Hegithu??

Khushi said...

:O :O :O

Cindrella said...

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