Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bolo tum....bolo na...bolo zara....

Scene 1:
Senior Project Manager comes from a vacation and announces his presence by nothing less than a pack of Belgian chocolates. Offers them to the waiting pack, and then to the only girl in the team. Her response of "I really do not like chocolates. Thank you," is met by a look of incredulity, bafflement and the familiar expression accompanying the words “You are the first girl I’ve come across who does not like chocolates”.


Scene 2:

DoDDa comes to invite for her daughter’s marriage. To her simpering facetious “You will come, won’t you?”, the (supposedly smart) girl replies – “Depends on what you would feed me.”

Teee heeee......

Scene 3:

A popular Italian joint is filled with the usual weekend throng. As soon as the girl enters, the proprietor barks out the order, “One Veggie burger which has to be packed in a box not just wrapped in a sheet.”

Girl grins widely at the proprietor and seriously considers hugging him :-).

Scene 4:

“There’s aaloo sabjee, paalak paneer, dal paratha, hot chapattis, gulab jamoons, ice-cream, carrot halva, fried rice, noodles……”

To which the (ungrateful?) girl replies, “No saaru anna?”

Scene 5:

Girl 1 (at around ten in the morning): “What have you been grinning for?”

Girl 2: I am thinking of the puLiyogare and gaTTi mosaru which I have brought for lunch….!!

Scene 6:

The girl: Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... nanage baaLekaayi dose bekoooooooo!!

Amma: Ha ha.... it's very simple. You can make it yourself na..... how can I send it across to UK?

Ahem....... kaun hai woh…bolo bolo..... kaun hai woh.......;-)


Prasil said...

Gee, Chitra, you don't like chocolates? SACRILEGE!! :-/

angada said...

yaxtreemely hilarious!

chitra said...

Et tu Pralilius??? :D

Hoon...bekkige aata ilige praaNa sankaTa.

Anonymous said...

He he he he he... What is all this about dear one???


The Avenger !!! said...

KAUN HAI WHO??? and yeh bhi koi poochne ki baath hai chitzzz ??? :) :) :)

chitra said...

Dear one?? Where where where???

Aur aapne diya sahi jawaab aur aapko milti hai...er....er...my next tag :-)!

Sujit said...

no choclates?.. oh! man.. you are the only girl i have seen .. hehe.. my day starts with choclates :D

Viky said...

Great...I'll get some chocolates when I visit you..that way I can offer you, and STILL get to eat the whole box. :D

chitra said...

I prefer water thank you!

My roomies do like chocs ;-)

Viky said...

Barii roomies saaka? beediyorella beda???

chitra said...

Now that you've mentioned it..... ;-)

Art said...

I Love choclates.. but yaako illi yedarige idru tinokke manasilla...

chitra said...

Howdaa? Yaake?