Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is it friendship?

I am confused.

I am confused with the extent of liberties that could be taken in friendship.

I am confused as to the height (or is it depth?) of expectations that lie in friendship.

I am confused as to the freedom of communication in a friendship.

I am confused as to the strength of emotions in a friendship.

I am confused with respect to possessiveness in a friendship.

I am confused...... I truly am.

I was under the impression that friendship doesn’t have timelines or time zones.

Apparently not......

Another myth shattered...... and another shell hardened.


k said...

Friendship is beyond all that. As you grow old, you wd understand what it really means.

You dont need to talk to them daily. but they ae there when u want to ease your sorrows or share your happiness. Respect their freedom at the same time. understand them even when they are not communicating. Probably some problem on her side, which she/he is nt yet ready to share with u.

Friendship needs patience.

Love you, dear. Dont get shatered.

Pritika Gupta said...

Frndship doesn't have time zone or expectation..but relations have.. when frndship start getting converted to some kind of relation.. then every thing come..

GuNs said...

Aah, welcome to the realization. Adolescence brings alongwith it a sense of possessiveness that is always absent in childhood. It brings along a whole new set of priorities for some people.

Then again, there are still some people like me (and now, I think you too) who value friends like they've always done.


Sujit said...

these things depends on the kind of friendship you have with the person rather to what extent one like the other.

The solitude of foreign nation is bring a different dimension?

anoop said...

I am confused.
I am confused about the myth that was shattered not about the shell that was hardened.

The Avenger !!! said...

umm as long as we all have the same chitzz i guess its all fine. btw i am curios to know wht was the myth tht was shattered !!!

chitra said...

-/K's not about freedom. It's about a relationship which has o be mutual. Oh...I don't know. I feel that, ecspecially at this point of time, that life is full of questions..and I don't have the answers for them. And that makes me quite frustrated!


Possessiveness eh? Nope...! I have been possessive only about my books, food and music. But if I do not get as much as I give in a relationship, I feel ...well...bad.

Arrey...I am anything but lonely here!

Fact is that some people whom I considered friends didn't feel the same about me!

Oh yeah...she's alive and kicking I say :-)!

Sujit said...

how are you doing?

chitra said...

Dearie, it is me. And my display name comes as 'k' occasionally!!!
I Dont like that, but i cant do anything abt it.

Endevourme said...

k and chitra,
its good naa, i can identify which chitra...

GuNs said...

What does GAR mean?

Chitra said...

Vokay :-)!

Oh....!!! Check out Endevourme's comment :-)!


Guns and Roses da!!

GuNs said...

Aaah Ok. No problem then.
GnR is how the band "Guns And Roses" referred to themselves but then probably GAR is YOUR copyrighted style.

Good good.


Chitra said...

:-)!! Acronym works all the time !!