Sunday, August 20, 2006's raining... :)

I wish I could capture those rain drops with more clarity......but then, I guess I have to settle down for this. Any suggestions? :)


endevourme said...

i really liked d lower 1, sea shore photo...its really nice...
hey raindrop photos too are good da,
1st 1 is with flash haa? u can c shadows....try natural light, i take ALL photos in natural light...
2nd 1, camera couldnot find target, use half press-full press of ur camera properly...
(it looks like you have a canon? it gives indications also,some orange indicators near viewfinder somewhere...)
keep shooting :D!!

Sujit said...

need to increase your focus!.. nice pictures although!.. and as long as i was in blr malle ne illa :(

Anonymous said...

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Full2 Faltu said...

If you have a digital camera, there is a near mode which is normally represented by a flower symbol. Try that.

something like this

Happy Photography


chitra said...

Tee hee...nope...not Canon...HP :)!

Ummm....will try to do work that out next time!


I tried that...but when I try moving closer to the object, focus is gone!

Full2 Faltu said...

Hi Chitra

Hope this helps


chitra said...

-/Faltu did..thanks a ton !

anand said...

hey lovely pics!
Finally the rains have set in!

Viky said...

Get wet in the rain, capture them in your memory. They retain awesome clarity.

chitra said...

Finally...but in short bursts :)!

You said it :)