Sunday, July 23, 2006

Woes of footwear(ing)

My footwear wore off.

So, whatz the big deal?

I am smart, intelligent, talented [:D]; but when my sandals wear off I strongly feel that the balance has been set right in the sense I have been blessed with a pair of uniquely-sized feet, which requires a tour of nearly ten (plus) shops to be clad ‘properly’......and ‘fashionably’.

It was only while shopping for footwear that I realized utility and fashion rarely go hand-in hand – those which were fashionable looked like they would fall apart the next day….and the less said the better about those attention grabbing sturdy-looking ones.

So……early this morning, my footwear wore off.

And I was left seriously contemplating a monstrosity of high-heels which I had splurged for in my vacuum-in-the-brain-days…just because it proved to be a very good accessory for sarees….and for usage of relative short periods, back-ache and ankle-twists unaccounted for.

If you are not that good-looking, intelligent and have a pea-sized brain, the best way to attract not any persons’ (a.k.a halpless victim’s) attention is by wearing high-heels. So there I was clippety-cloppetting in my heels all the way to the bus-stop, to my office, to my cube, to the canteen and ….back again.

With all these drawbacks, I was left contemplating the advantages of high heels: apart from adding a couple of inches to your height, it can serve as a good weapon :)!


endevourme said...

good weapon :D!
nice one...i never knew that.

Sujit said...

wow!.. weapon to disintegrate some fellows... :(.. poor people..:(..hehe

Shruthi said...

Sigh.. welcome to the club - footwear wears off - go to the shop, be shown flat monstrosities, or high-heeled ones which make me fall off immediately. Why can't they make elegant flats?? I am luckier nowadays, but still! :)

angada said...

All the best for your foot wear search! God, it is a difficult job!!

chitra said...

Yup :)!

Woe betide that 'poor' person!

-/Shruthi sentiments exactly !! Aldoo aldoo saakaagathe....

Mission accomplished kaNo. Ninne execute maaDide...mane hattira ne sikkithu :)!

Avinash said...

at last a 'wise lady' (I thought that was an oxymoron.. :)..).. who knows the "advantages" of high heels..

chitra said...

Ha ha are senti guys :)!!

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