Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A few lessons of life

In the course of a fortnight, I have realized that...........

Distance actually makes heart grow fonder.

It takes a crisis to put things into clear perspective.

I can analyze my actions with merciless logic and clarity.

I am capable of burying a part of the past and patting the mud on the filled (to the brim) grave with fondly.

I could never imagine a future without one of my corner stones...and I am not sure whether to be happy or not about this.

I had almost but not quite taken a few people's presence for granted.

I had the some reserve courage to console a set of parents over their irreparable and irreversible loss, from which I had been escaping for a long time.

No amount of tear-jerkers can make me shed long-bottled tears ....unless I want to.

People who care a whit about me do make an effort to keep in touch.

I don't even have to try to be friendly with some - it comes naturally :)!

And I miss those much that it actually hurts.’s not the first time that I've had the impractical notion of setting back the clock.


Sujit said...

Distance: yes true..
analyze: thats great!
burying past: Thats nice!.
corber stone: its tough!.. but its loss will be there!
granted: I think one should never take anyone for granted no matter how close we are!.. when it comes to people some stanrge chars arise from nowhere.. puttin us into space!
reserve courge: thats great think you did!
tear-jerkers: Thats good.. you are getting stronger to hold yourself!
keep in touch: I think good friends always do! irrespective whether you call them or not!
miss: This sad :(.. but you can use the time for your hobbies now!.. rahter than thinking about them...just looking +ve side.. but the effect will be there..
setting back clock: Hmm.. try try try.. :).. someday sometime you will hit it!..

Hope things will shine bright :)

endevourme said...

'corner stones'...i clearly understood what u mean :-)
...better not to be too dependent on something
..we find something and we say thats 'it', what i wanted,
we put entire faith in 'it', search everything in 'it',
later to realize that 'it' is not everything...(this is my opinion..)

Shruthi said...

As usual, a very candid and clear list. "Candid and clear".. two more Cs.. you could have added that too in your C list :D - they would define you :D

"I am capable of burying a part of the past and patting the mud on the filled (to the brim) grave with fondly." -- strange as it may seem, I can almost see you doing this!

Anonymous said...

may be thats why I tell everyone that they should go out of their houses for atleast some time in life...earlier the better...if its for college education then its the best 'coz they will be young and wont have fixed views about Life and world ! Once you are comfortable with yourself which comes naturally when you have to share with others, then it will be easy to be "alone" !

Phoenix said...

better late than never

chitra said...

Yuppu....looking foward to a lot of things ...and preferrably good ones :)!

Arrey...if not for the fact that some privacy would be invaded, I could write a post on my corner stones and live to laugh about it :)!

Ya...somehow it seems easier these days :)! I don't know how but it does.....

Hmmmm...but at some point of other you would know that life is not all about being alone...rather it's about being comfortable in being alone.


endevourme said...

no need to write about 'that corner stone',
i know precisely what 'it' is...

/-being comfortable in being alone!
u too speak my language :-).
may because we are on roads, which go to same(different different for us...) destination.

but u have 'it' but still say alone...
yeh baat kuchh hazam nahi hui(?)

about 'death' thing, i didnt do direct comparison :-)

chitra said...

Oho...wait a min...swalpa confusion aagide...I am not talking about 'that' type of corner stone. I am talking about the other type - those required to hold someone steady. In fact, I have more than one :)!

Sujit said...

how things would happen is not in our control.. but hoping is always better!.. and even if things go wrong way!.. i think we can learn from them so that things do not repeat!.. :) hope things go really well for you :)

endevourme said...

i think u understood what i mean by 'that' cornerstone.

...but even if u r not talking about 'that' corner stone,
i will say the same thing about 'that' corner stone as well...
btw 'that' 'stone' is so big, i wonder wheather can we call it 'corner stone' ;-)

if u remember comments for "i know...i know...", u can tell wheather
my guesswork is correct?

btw i am finding it difficult to say things here :-)...

Sujit said...

end*, chitra: how many corner stones, how big are the corner stones.. everystone has a part.. but corner stones are special ...:p

chitra said...

Hey..thanks :)!

Hyuck about a mail then? :)

Avinash said...

strong lady you!!

endevourme said...

u r so merciless : - (

Sujit said...

end*: Oh! really..!.:p.. so merciless?

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