Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gift galbali

“AT is leaving our team next week. Can you buy an appropriate farewell gift for him? Here’s my contribution.”

This was my PL who was at my desk after lunch. And it seemed more like a command than a request.....

My reaction: No way! But hey, I am not supposed to say that – would have been very unprofessional (sigh).

Under normal circumstances, I would not have been dragged into this shopping/gifting exercise if not for the absence of the only other lady member of the team. AR was expected back after a week. And I was expected to take up most of her duties including this one. Sheesh !!

Wondering what’s so bad about this? Let me explain...

I do not buy a gift just for the heck of it. I shop for a gift if and only if the following two conditions are satisfied:

1. I know that person.
2. I should feel like buying a gift for that person.

And generally, both these conditions are satisfied with regard to people whom I like/admire/feel very comfortable with/most importantly share a certain chemistry with (needless to say that includes my friends as well).....and no-one else. And it goes without saying that I spend some finite amount time.....and energy.....in this activity :) !! Like I spent a couple of days ruminating as to what to gift AA for her wedding. Finally decided on a pearl set.....an original one. [Pssst.....I loved it the moment I set my sight on it. Wellllll.....have to ask her if she uses it or not].

Now, being only two months old in this new project, I did not know AT that well. So, I really tore my (lovely?) hair out trying to figure what (on the earth) to buy as a gift for him.

Thanks to some confusion while purchasing the tickets for Ice Age 2, I ended up being at the cinema hall at least an hour before schedule. So, nuggified into Landmark to check out for some suitable gifts. I think I spend around half-an-hour simply roaming around the place trying to find one single suitable gift. A laptop bag – whoa.....only Rs. 5000 – over the budget. A desktop item in crystal – er.....too gaudy. And thus ran the mental checklist......

I was about to give up in resignation when I spied a beautiful stained glass lamp at one corner. On closer inspection, it was intricately done and very chic. Put in a bulb and voila....the effect was simply marvelous with colourful images of the design adorning the wall !! Auuuunnnddddd....just within budget :)! Yipppeeeeeeeee.....my happiness knew no bounds...talebisi gone....gift sikkthu!!

Now all that I am waiting for is the response/reaction/rejection – I wonder if AT would like it. Will come to know this Friday. Till then, I am keeping my fingers crossed....:).


Avinash said...

Now that you've gained some thought leadership in this area, I can outsource similar stuff to you... ;)

chitra said...

Dear namesake,

i wrote about gifting a couple of days back. i really appreciate you thought of her when buying a gift rather than doing it as an errand.
and that wd be appreciated by her.

aa said...

oh chitra..... i loved the gift that you gave me on my wedding. i knew that you had put in a lot of thought, time and energy in buying me that gift. i can say it was the "most" lovely gift that i received during my wedding. believe me... nothing matched it.

by the way... pearl is my birth stone aswell. it was the perfect choice.

also, i can wear it on indian as well as western clothes. it is really cute and nice. my sister could not stop herself from wearing it on the day of my wedding as i would carry it with me later to states. it was looking very pretty on her too. i have worn it here on many occasions.

i hope your PL reads this comment and deputes some more "gift buying" tasks to you. ;)

Sujit said...

thats nice.. to feel like giving gifts to freinds.. is it only on occasions or whenever you feel like?..!! But i dont know the funda of PL, team.. so hellakagalla!!..

Casablanca said...

Where does one get stained glass lamps? I want one too!!!

endevourme said...

thats why i saw a girl with a lamp,
tearing off her lovely(?) hair,
in landmark on that day ;-)
All the best for friday...

Shruthi said...

The lady with the... err. lamp :D
I second your prerequisites in gift-buying :)
What's with posts on gifts? I have one up too :O

chitra said...


i guess with the wedding season on, the talk of gifting is but natural........

chitra said...

I guess I have to warn you - I charge a hefty commission :)!!

Ya...I read that :)!

Tee hee...biDthu antha heLu! Ondu sarathi ne fullu susthu :)!!

Yen maaDodu maaraaya...maaDalebeku...sighhhhhh!!!

Tee hee...idhar to available in Forum....Don't know in Singapore(?)!

Ahem...I tend to tear my hair out only when I am alone...:D!!

Ayyo keLabeDa...birthdays ..marriages...engagements...lotz of gift-buying this monthu !

Ya...I second that :)!!

Anonymous said...

Try out the gift voucher option next time if you have to(now that is available in Landmark), that way you're transfering the 'tale novu' to the recipient, moreover he/she'll be happy to buy what he/she wants....


chitra said...

Thought of doing that this time. Will definitely try the next time :D!!


Something which i always hate is to buy somthing for someone whom i dont know.You knw what ,just a week ago i was in the same situation as you are and boy i had to do the shopping for this person,who had apparently come down form the US. :(

chitra said...

Hoo boy...tough choice eh?? :)