Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Foe turned friend?

Monday dawned with me arriving yuxtremely sleepy-eyed to the office. Unfortunately, I happened to bump into one of my batch mates whom I have nicknamed Grumpy.

A little bit of history here: Grumpy and I joined at the same time along with a hundred other people. I really thank God that we were not grouped into the same batch; otherwise, I would have had a nice flat forehead due to repeated banging of (my) head against the wall (or whatever) due to sheer frustration.

Our problem was quite simple - we just could not communicate to each other well.

Sarcasm as a witty form of retort – I truly appreciate. But sarcasm as a form of defensive anger – NO. I hate it. And since she used to be angry with me half the can guess the rest of it.

Now two years later, I should admit that I have 'improved' by leaps and bounds when it comes to anger management. Still, I was not ready to risk my hard-earned patience....once bitten twice shy.

Now Grumpy took one look at me and her expression was as if she had seen a Martian. Or perhaps a monkey.....or (even better) a lunatic escaped from a mental institution.

Well....I know I look like a feminine (and hopefully cuter) version of wooly mammoth on Mondays with tendrils of hair all around my face (clips are not of much help on Mondays). Add a tan (thanks to trek) and heavy sleep-ridden eye-lids, the picture is complete.

I stoically endured her gaze till she enquired as to where I had been during the weekend. I explained to her in short and sweet terms. Imagine my surprise when a genuine smile lit her face and she remarked “Hey.....that’s indeed a nice place. Tell me all about it....”

And thus we got along discussing our various trekking ‘expeditions’ until we parted ways.....amicably.

Hoo boy......was I surprised today when I was greeted by her wide grin as I stepped down from the bus today.

Well.....well......people are not as complicated as they seem. At least, not the mature ones.


Anonymous said...

I keep saying 'Life is simple, we make it complicated' Applies most of the times to relationships too.
Some never get along, cant do much about it except put them into 'Hi-Bye' list of people. Nothing wrong there too. Afterall you cant be friends with one and all. If there is some one like that I usually see they dont have any close friends.

endevourme said...

\-"I usually see they dont have any close friends"
...but...but that does not mean those people are 'not good'

Khushi said...

Strange are the ways of life lady ;-)

Sarathy said...

Humpy Grumpy sat on Ur head
Finding something to have her bread
Growling fouling made you overboard
But, tragedy turned to comedy in the end

The nuts are getting loose. Dreaming lunar all the day. Shrinked with sunlight hoping for moonlight hopping whole night still not able to make the mind tight.

Is it a symptom of lunatic? If so, Myadam, I have to go to Kilpauk(eqlnt to NIMHANS, Blr, here in Chennai).

Anonymous said...

endevourme - Ofcourse not. They might one of the nicest people u might see. Without that they cant be friends with everyone. What I meant was they may not have anyone whom they can call as "close" if you what I mean. I have this friend whom I always place one step above us ( meaning human beings! ) ...everyone he knows adores him but I dont think he would call anyone his closest buddy including me ( inspite being his roomie for quite some time - Well, roomies need not be best friends but thats a discussion by itself ) .
Having said that, may be I am wrong in generalization but that was my personal obversation

Sujit said...

strange ways things go!!.. but if a person is like that.. i am always caught in two minds about what would happen next!!!.. may be because i had bad experince!!.. but surprises is what makes life interesting isn't so?

Some other anonymous said...

#dear anonymous and endevourme,
dont fight,
friendships just happen...
better to accept a person 'as is'
than trying to improve 'him' or 'her'...

chitra said...

Hmmm...ya...agree with your last statement.

Tee hee..yeh baat to hai..:)!

Tee hee...howdu..:D!

Hyuck hyuck...too good! I loved your limerick :)!

Make that pleasant surprises please :)!

-/Some other anonymous
Hmmm....there's always room for improvement, right?

endevourme said...

well...i see one fella standing near sarjapura junction everyday,
which matches how u described urself ...

chitra said...

Achaa? Describe him naa....

endevourme said...

arey nahin , its her...
she too looks like "not slept well last night"
and "having a bad hair day"
but....she is cute...;-)
one of my favourite lookouts in the morning bus...

Prashanth CM said...

hmmm...People are simple and straight, as straight as a juicy jilebi.


chitra said...

Sheesh...I should have guessed it :)!

People and juicy jalebi?? Hyuck hyuck...beaware...they may turn out to be stalemates as well ...:D!

aa said...

This is quite interesting incidence... never happend to me before! foe becoming a friend!

Anonymous said...

Arz kiya hai...

Pehle tha deewaar
Ab ho gaya yaar...

:) :) :)

Sujit said...

hehe.. as the steps of life moves forards, surprises are revealed as and when they have to be :).. wait and watch..!!.. mathe ninne hegitTu?.. malLe bantha?

chitra said...

Me too :)!!

Waah waah ..!!!

Oh..sakkth maLe. Bengalooru weather eega tumba pleasant :D!

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