Monday, May 29, 2006

Fanaah: Destroyed in love

Tere dil mein mere saason ko panaah mil jaayein

Tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaah ho jaayein

There are three reasons due to which Fanaah may - okay..let me rephrase - just may be a hit – cinematography (very good picturesque locales at Poland being passed off as Kashmir), yuxtremely good songs (which have been surprisingly picturised well) ......aaauuunnndddd Kajol.

And ya..... the Shaayari – each one better than the other.

Kajol breathes life into the character of the Zooni Ali Beg – a blind girl from Kashmir. That lady has lost none of her infectious laugh and commanding screen presence. And wow.....what a smile.....and wit! Catch the witty repartee rendered to Aamir during their introductory scene together.....

Now the story.....people who wish to watch the movie can drop out at this stage:

We have a blind girl, a guide masquerading as the lover-boy-number-one and a bunch of Kasmiri kuDiyaan at Delhi supposedly practicing for a show. Throw in the Kashmir situation, and hence the militant angle, a one-night-stand, a love child and a trigger for a nuclear bomb – the story is almost complete. Now, do I have to sit and explain it to you? No.....right?

And to think that Angii was reminded of me when he saw Kajol !! WOW.....I am flying......someone pull me down naa.......:) :) !!


Khushi said...

ha ha ha.. even I was impressed with the first scene of shayri jugalbandi of these two... but rest of the movie is just a super duper bollywood boring predictable masala...... psssssssst!

ya.. even I appreciated all the 3 reasons you've said... right right!!

chitra said...

Yipppeee...phursht of all - welcome back :)! Mathe hoon....super shaayari aadre boring predictible movie :)!

Anonymous said...

i was just telling someone that i have watched only 2 movies in 2+ years in Blore...will pass this one too !!

chitra said...

-/Anon can you miss Kajol's comeback movie? Do watch this but not with too much of expectations.

Anonymous said...

how can I miss?! For that I need to ask myself when did I watch her movies much except ofcourse DDLJ which I dont have much choice thanks to frequent screening in the bus journey

chitra said...

Oh..appaDiyaa? Then I guess it would be too much of a patience-tester for you :)!

Shruthi said...

Pheeeee... Bang, Thud! [That's me pulling you down ;)]
On second thoughts, yeno resemblance ide!! :D

I want to watch this just because of Kajol :)
Yenu ishtu bega nodi bandidya! Me J!

endevourme said...

Pheeeee... Bang, Thud!
thats a big sound !

ting...would be nicer ;-)

chitra said...

Ouch..that hurt (me forgetting myself and rubbing the part which hit the ground phursht) :D :D !! the movie only for Kajol. Then it will be paravagilla sort!

Ahem...thud suits me a lot more better :)!

chitra said...

HOWDAAA??? Resemblence idyaa? Tee hee..sikkidaaga ice-cream koDistheene :)!

Shruthi said...

That makes it two ice-creams, remember :)))

chitra said...

-/Shruthi koDtheene. Aaga bunk maaDi hogoNa ice-cream thinnokke :)! Sari naa? BiDu maaDkonDu baa....

endevourme said...

#chitra & shruthi
me too likes icecream,
mera number kab aayegaa?


Anonymous said...

keep in loop guys! adbitti icecream andre nangu ondhu bite erli ;)

angada said...

//Angii was reminded of me when he saw Kajol!!!
Correcttion: Angii is reminded of me whenever he sees Kajol!!!

chitra said...

Tee hee...when we stop "fighting" :)!!

Hyuck hyuck...we will consider that request and let you know the decision shortly :D!!

Tee I am on cloud no. 9 :) :)!!

Sujit said...

movie ge hogilla but dont know i would go or not!!.. no transportation :(..

Shruthi said...

Sure!! Icecream andare Kelasa iddrunu bitt barthini :)

chitra said...

Neenu Kajol fan idre maatra hogu. Illandre not worth it!

Hyuck tu? :D

Jay said...

Was reminded of who??! :O


chitra said...

-/Jay toooooo modest to reveal the name! :D :D

Avinash said...

I got bored.. Liked 3 songs, photography and Kajol.. :)..

chitra said...

Am trying to convince my hubby to take me over as it is running in the theater opp. my house. One of my friend raves about it , while the other came rather disappointed saying it is nt worth a penny except for the cinemetography!

ritzkini said...

Me ! me ! me !
Always ready to pull somebody down !

chitra said...

Hmmmm...all I can say is it's worth watching once but not at an exorbitant price :)!

chitra said...

Tee hee.....same here :)!

-/Kini you to do that!!

Anonymous said...

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