Sunday, April 02, 2006

All that glitters....

I did something really different on Saturday – I shopped for jewellery .....for myself.

AS had been pestering me for quite some days to buy suitable ‘accessories’ for this grand (silk) saree which I had bought for her marriage. My first reaction – “ it really necessary? Why can’t I coast with what I am wearing right now?” One look from AS and I promptly shut up. Yeah.....why not.....anything to please AS. Aakhir kuch dino ki to mehmaan hain and then, she will be off to Chennai.

So, I set off to Jayanagar 4th block in search of the shop which she had recommended. One peek at the interiors and I felt like running away – it was filled with women of all sizes and shapes. And ya..... I forgot to mention jewellery.

I think I had such a lost look on my face that one of the attendants immediately left a couple of customers and latched on to me. The next few minutes (or was it hours?) was spent in a dizzying display of necklaces, bangles and ear-rings. I thanked my stars that I had inborn sense of colour co-ordination – otherwise I would have ended up buying half the items in the store

Half-an-hour later, armed with my purchase, I left the store thanking that attendant (well.....he was doing his job right?) with one big smile. “Next week hosa designs barathe. Banni Madam.....noDabahudu.” Ya.....sure.....sometime next year would suit me just fine.

How long had it been since I had shopped for myself in this fashion? Though I was always ready to tag along for such shopping expeditions, I had long ago given up on such “girly stuff”. Hmmm...... is it too late to start now? Naah.....once a tomboy, always a tomboy.......:).


Vikram said...

No.. No.. Don't start da... don't!!

Shopping is like an addiction... especially for women.. hehe...:P

chitra said...

Tee think so? Hmmm..that's why women are so smartly dressed :) !

Khushi said...

from grocery shopping to jewellary shopping????

chitra said...

Ya...we have to be well-versed in all forms of shopping kaNe :)!

angada said...

Yes and no.
Yes, 'coz of the dance at school in 10th.
No 'coz that day when you visited my home at B'lore, wearing that green chudi and I made you wait, and that red face ... u looked awe-amazing!

chitra said...

Tee still remember that? :)

aa said...

i know you chitra... u rarely shop for yourself!
it was nice sharing about this experience of yours over phone even before you decided to write this blog! :)

Anonymous said...

so-called-doDDa: shuddha kannaDadalli 'ganDubeeri yaavathhidroo ganDubeeri' anbaarda?... ;)...

Good to know that you came out after half-an-hour {pronounced as haaffanavarr.. :).. and and indicates you haven't caught lot of American accent yet.. :)..) from shopping. Is this the case with cloths too?

Casablanca said...

once a tomboy, always a tomboy

I dont think so :)
I was one till I was 15... and then feminity caught up with me. And it was all good :D

chitra said...

Howdu.. :)!

Hoon...:)! I rarely take much time to shop ...for myself that is :)!

-/Casablanca's not that I do not have feminine attributes. However....:) :) !!

Shradha said...

Agree with casa..I used to be a tomboy, not any more. And shopping is so much fun!!!

chitra said...

Tee said it :) !

Anonymous said...

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