Monday, March 06, 2006

Refreshing avowals

This Monday was too bit too perfect to be a Monday; people who usually suffer from Monday morning blues will get the frequency right and know yugjhaatly what I mean!

Woke up to find that the power authorities had suddenly realised that we had not been plagued by a single power cut for the past x months. So khaachaaak – power cut. No power –> no hot water -> brrrrr -> probable cold -> probable cough -> probable fever -> and the list goes on.

Having dispensed with my ‘bath’, I now turned my attention towards cooking. And realized how difficult it is to even cut vegetables in semi-darkness let alone cook. After lots of unladylike swears (er...did I ever say that I was ladylike?), I managed to get it done somewhat to my satisfaction. Have to find out during lunch if the baaLekaayi was cooked or not.

The bus-driver proved to be yet another sadist – he came a full three minutes early while I was still at the corner. So......whooooooooorrrrr..... marathon run with arms, bags and dabba flapping (do you still need a reason for an earthquake?), aaauuuunnnddd success (at last) ......caught the bus. Got a painful reminder of how little I exercise (On an afterthought, do I really need it?).

My best friend at work - I am referring to my PC here – was feeling quite cross with me (two days of ‘painful’ separation and all) and decided to act all weird. So, two restarts, numerous hang-ups (I mean literal ones) and several disconnected Internet sessions later, I got down to typing an e-mail. Wow...... my patience increaseth by leaps and bounds!

Just when the situation was under control, I made it all the more ‘better’ by stretching out my legs and disconnecting the LAN cable. Great! Simply great ! That’s just what I needed to make my day ! Formed a corollary of one of my life’s fundas – no man or machine or situation is worth losing your temper.

But then, there’s something which stops me from blowing the top.......

The weather outside is simply too glorious to describe........

.........because it had rained the previous night.............


Jay said...

.......and what a rain it was ! :D

chitra said...

Ya....... nice na?? Loved it :) :) !!

ritzkini said...

/*Have to find out during lunch if the baaLekaayi was cooked or not.*/
Ondhaanondhu kaaladhalli...nanna kathe...
good to have you back all smiling and all..

Jyothika said...

bengaloora maLe-aahhhhh!! do I miss it or what!! :O(

Grandebelf said...

I never get to see outside from my office:( All i can see is artificial lights. I think BESCOM should charge a premium for office people who use artificial lighting in the morning.

chitra said...

Hoon...phull refreshed and reloaded :) !!

Miss maaDu...miss maaDu... but hey.. what about me?? :) :)

Hyuck hyuck... I never saw this from work. I was at home when it rained... So.. full enthu ... :) :) !!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »