Monday, January 09, 2006

During the weekend....

My weekend was so packed that ……. it did not feel like a weekend. Not that I worked, like I do (like a donkey) five days a week. But yes, performed a few good ‘deeds’ like:

  • Cleaning out my cupboard – For a fastidious person like me, my cupboard looked as if King-Kong had been left aloose in the tiny, enclosed space. In the process of straightening it out, I finally discovered my long-lost most-favourite purse ! And a host of other unmentionable things.

  • Setting right my books – I had purchased a lot of books during the last one month. And it was lying all over the house. So Sunday morning was declared hunting time for books. I discovered them in the most unlikeliest places - like the fridge (must be the handiwork of my absent-minded bro), a replacement for the mouse-pad (??) etc. One of the books had found its way to the Puja Room and one was being used by our cat as its favourite nook for dozing. I had a tough time re-locating her to some other place. Remembering the principle of Ahimsa (she was my Father’s pet, you see), I had to entice her away with (of all things) my favourite cushion. So, if you want to know who really rules the roost……………

  • Shopping – Helped Aki roam around Malleshwaram for buying a tiffin-dabba. The place has retained its charm and age-old beauty – one of the few places in which I really like roaming around. Decided that I should visit this place often for at least an evening walk.

  • Visiting – Visited my friend who was leaving for the States. I could not spend much time with her. But utilized the little time I had in clearing up a misunderstanding, which could have blown into a full-fledged cold-war due to lack of communication. While coming back home, I ruminated on the person I had become – I would definitely not have done the same a few years back. My motto ‘Change for the positive’ notches up another point :) !

  • Date – Finally, ended the day with a visit to – none other than the Almighty’s abode –the temple. And not because I needed something badly :).

But yes, it made me realize with a start – life is so much satisfying if you love what you do.


ritzkini said...

Me firsht !!!
/*life is so much satisfying if you love what you do.*/
Reminds me of a company which had come to campus and put up fliers's motto read..
"We love what we do,cos we do what we love..."
now you reminded me ! chamrajpet,malleswaram,basavangudi,gandhinagar,,thats the REAL bengalooru ! not koramangala and all that jazz !

Anurama said...

"life is so much satisfying if you love what you do"

Oh chitra.. you put your thoughts across so easily.. loved this particular line :)

chitra said...

Arrey Kini... kya comment maara! Mooh ki baat cheen li. Not much people appreciating quiet beauty :) !!

Tanku tanku :) :). That was what I was trying to put across.