Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Universal change

We met eight years ago in our PU College. I had all the awkwardness of a girl-who-just-completed-school, while she had the poise to carry anything off. To a very gauche person like me, she seemed different. Later, on our way back home, she accompanied us to the bus-stop and that’s how we got talking – and this became the focal point of our friendship.

She went on to complete her engineering, work for a few months and then move to US for her Masters. Fast-forward and here I am, attending her marriage with a person whom she has chosen to share her love and life with. As I saw her going through the motion of rituals, the unease, which I had been feeling since she had invited me to her marriage, re-surfaced. One of my close friends is getting married. Shouldn’t I feel happy?

This feeling persisted to such an extent that I had to address it. Finally after much soul-searching, I arrived at the conclusion that – I no longer felt that she was my friend! Strange ….. eight years and now……….. sigh. What is it that contributed to this decline in our relationship? I set down the memory lane to recall some of the good times we had shared together – at her home, an informal visit, an outing with friends, noisy chats with her family. Gradually, I think we simply stopped communicating at one point of time. Recently, there were some instances where I found her remarks to be very cutting and arrogant. Was she like this when I first met her? Or was I too faithful a follower-friend to notice this? Or have I changed so drastically that I no longer recognize her?

On the other hand, there are few people (I can even say strangers whom I have not met at all) with whom I have established an instant rapport Рwithin a few minutes of speaking to them, or mailing them and sometimes even hearing them sing (Radio City :)). The way they express themselves makes me feel that I have known them for years. With every interaction, I discover something new about them, and much to my delight, find that we share similar views. To quote a clich̩, they were with me during my ups and downs and provided comfort in the most basic sense, even though they were not physically present. And yes, these people have also contributed a lot to my confidence, optimism, and my character.

Yes…. change is definitely the watchword of time. And since time is unending and undying, change too is universal.


Jay said...

"change is definitely the watchword of time"

:-). It surely is!

chitra said...

Ya....everything around us change, including us. But then, not all changes are positive.

!xobile said...

Very true... hoping to not look very exhibitionistic i would suggest you to read something I wrote earlier.

see this

thats my take on friends n stuff.

American Pi said...

It is amazing isn't it - when suddenly you feel that people act in a way which is very different from how you have known them. But of all things, people definitely change. Sometimes we can blame the circumstances, sometimes we cannot. In most situations however, accepting the situation and moving on provide the most solace!

chitra said...

Yup....read your say on this. How true. Am blogrolling you :) !!

-/Amreekan Pi
That's the most difficult part - accepting :). Once that is done, things are much easier.

Anurama said...

change... that is the one word which keeps this world on its toes :)

chitra said...

Ya... do not know whether it's good or bad!!

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »