Thursday, December 29, 2005

Acts of kindness

For a change, Aki was pestering me to go for lunch. I usually have to start reminding her from 11:00 p.m. onwards to join me for lunch at noon. This is like giving her a deadline of one hour to finish all her ‘work’ (she was a workaholic - note the past-tense, thanks to my company ) and join me for lunch.

I actually stared stupidly at the phone when Aki called me at 11:30 p.m. emphatically stating “I am hungry. I am leaving now. Join me later”. For a moment, I actually admired her assertiveness (now, why can’t she be the same with her PL?).

When I joined her, she had already finished her lunch. “Oh Wow!! How come it’s not raining cats and dogs?” – were on the tip of my tongue. That’s because Aki is very picky (nice rhyme na?) about her food. It’s only lately that she has actually started eating everything on her plate (and sometimes mine too).

I went to get an empty plate for myself when I remembered that they were stacked in the next building. The last couple of times when I requested the cafeteria-help for a plate, they went all the way to the next building to fetch it. Today, I decided to fetch it myself. Why bother them for something which I can do myself?

As I was returning with the plate, one of the caf-attendants beckoned me and showed me a small neatly stacked pile of plates! “We were anticipating that you would come here as usual and had kept the plates ready since we did not want you to wait for a long time.” He added ruefully “We tried calling you when we saw you going towards the next building, but I guess you did not hear.”

For a moment I was speechless with gratitude. I was not used to anyone doing anything like this for me, and least of all not from a stranger. Aaaaahhh……… strange(r) acts of kindness !!

Psssssst…………reminds me about one of the fundas listed in Kini’s blog.


ritzkini said...

Me phursht !! Me worsht !!!
(nice poem too,na ?)
honored to be linked by you..
danks machi..

PS:see i didnt call you 'kka now..
Acts of kindness from kini !! now what could be stranger !!??

chitra said...

He he he thanks macha !! Stranger things have happened !!

Jay said...

Wow .... thats quite interesting!

chitra said...

In what sense? Indian or Amreekan??

Jay said...


I meant in the Indian sense!

chitra said...

Then tanku !!

Anurama said...

Good post da..

chitra said...

Thanku tanku.... BTW, welcome back !!

Anonymous said...

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